Triple Play

Al Perkins Triple Play

Featuring 12 new recordings, Triple Play demonstrates the full repertoire of guitar skills from one of rock's pioneers. Whether you prefer the white hot snarling lap steel of Al Perkins' live performances, or his distinctive guitar picking, or the delicate, definitive country sound of the pedal steel as featured on countless albums by household names, this CD has it all.

However, don't be misled into thinking this is a self-indulgent exercise in technique - Triple Play is about songs, and you'll find original new numbers on here, mixed with a few standards, all given the unique Al Perkins treatment through his bluesy, expressive vocals.

Appearing on the album are Al's sons Matt and Jess, along with friends such as Chris Eddy (Duane's son) from the latest incarnation of Mason Proffit. Triple Play effortlessly swings through blues, country, gospel bluegrass and even cajun influences with a storming live feel throughout.

The enjoyment of being able to cut loose on his own self-penned material is clear, and Al Perkins comes up trumps with an infectious set of studio and live cuts.

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